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Rolled Rib of Beef

How to cook rolled rib of beef in an Aga range cooker

We were asked for beef roasting tips, so we turned to 'The Cast Iron Lady', Sarah Whitaker for her sage advice. 

"Your customer's beef can be slow cooked, but a rib is the poshest part of the beast, so I would recommend fast roasting.  Allow 25 mins per kg / 12-15 minutes per pound for rare / medium rare and a bit longer for medium/well done in the roasting oven.  Put into your big deep tin lined with bake o glide and hang as high as you can get it.

Once roasted, move to the simmering oven on a plate for half an hour to rest whilst making the gravy in the roasting tin on the floor of the roasting oven.

If they want to slow cook it, give it half an hour in the top oven then about 3 hours in the simmering oven.  It will not be lovely and rare though!

Don't forget to cook the Yorkies before roasting the beef, when the cooker is at its hottest, using the Blake & Bull favourite recipe!"

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