Recipes with instructions for Aga range cookers

4 oven range cooker in Cornwall that has been converted to ElectricWe are aiming to build a recipe 'bible' on our site and will be adding to this page frequently! The instructions for each recipe are specifically for Aga range cookers but can usually be adapted for other range cookers. They are not relevant to conventional cookers in most cases! Are you looking for Christmas recipes? We have a whole page for that! 

Sarah Whitaker is our guru when it comes to recipes and many of those below are her legendary work! There are recipes from other sources though, including our marvellous community, Matthew and Katy. Find out more about our team!

Cooking with Aga range cookers is certainly a bit different to conventional cookers but really it's much easier. The radiant heat of the ovens, once understood and tamed, is your ally when it comes to fabulous food. To learn the basics see our guides and if you have any questions do get in touch. If in doubt these are Sarah's wise words "just put it in the oven and relax".