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Tummy Filling Penny Pinching Sardines On Toast


Recipe Name:  Sardines On Toast on the Range Cooker


Meal Type: Lunch, Dinner, Snack
Prep Time: 5 Mins

Cook time: 5 Mins

Servings: Two Servings

This recipe is one that I turn to when a hearty brunch is needed to fuel myself for a long muddy walk, or the fridge seems suddenly empty and hungry mouths await! This is when the little tins in the store cupboard with their pleasing peeling lids come into their own! And yes, you can grill in an Aga range cooker, heres how! 

My Dad used to make this for us after we had been on a long wet walk around Daglingworth or somewhere similar, definitely not getting lost! (that was his story and he stuck to it!) I hope that you enjoy it! Katy x

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  • A Dash of Tabasco, the smoked one is lovely
  • If you don't like spice, swap the Tabasco for Worcester Sauce
  • A couple of tins of sardines in tomato sauce (if you have sardines in oil then a bit of tomato puree, a little of the preserving oil, and a squirt of ketchup will do nicely)
  • Half a mug full, roughly, of good strong cheddar, or whatever knub of cheese you have in the fridge
  • Chopped spring onions x 2, or half a brown onion finely chopped so it will cook through
  • A plentiful grind of black pepper
  • Salt - if you think it needs it
  • A squirt of tomato ketchup, just a bit! Adds sweetness. 
  • Fresh Parsley is good mixed in too, if you have some in the garden
  • You May Need....


    1. Lightly toast your doorstop bread- if it is a little stale, no worries, all the better!

    2. Chop your onion and grate your cheese

    3. Combine all your ingredients together and mix into a paste

    4. Spread over your toast and grill, (here's how) 

    5. Enjoy with a strong cuppa, pop your warm socks and wellies on and hit the woods! 

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