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No Job Too Big or Small

When our engineers complete a job for our customers, we always want everything to be as close to perfection as possible.

Whether it’s a re-enamel, conversion or installation of an eCOOK, we aim to achieve the highest standard for both the cooker and our customer - and when it’s not quite right, we want to make sure it is!  

This was the case for Trish, and her newly refurbished 2 oven Standard Aga Range Cooker, in one of our most popular enamel colours - Northern Counties Cream. However, when our onsite engineers started fitting the eCOOK, they sadly spotted a couple of issues that prevented the team from completing the install to the high standards we guarantee. 

northern counties cream aga range cooker standard

When this happens, we’ll always return to fix any problem; big or small. In this case, we rebuilt the cooker with a new enamel front as well as re-levelled the cooker, and when we left Trish and her beautiful new range cooker, she was more than pleased with the end result (even if it did take a little longer for us to get there). 

“Thank you very much for the care you have shown to ensure we have the perfect Aga [range cooker]. We loved our Aga [range cooker] before but now it is even more perfect with the new front and levelled top. David and Sam are the best ambassadors for Blake & Bull.”

northern counties cream aga range cooker standard ecook

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