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Professional, Positive & Informative

In November last year two of our engineers trundled over to Calne to convert and re-enamel a 2 Oven solid fuel Aga [range cooker] -note the ash pit door-.

before conversion and re-enamelling

We kitted her out with our Electrikit system and switched her classic -but sombre- black coat for a much more cheerful blue ensemble.

after conversion and re-enamel

"We would just like to say that Philip and Sam were both very professional, positive, very informative, focused on the job in hand and were both very knowledgeable within their roles. 

We would highly recommend Philip and Sam to carry out any work that your customers may require from your company.

 Philip explained everything in detail to us in relation to how to use our new converted Aga.

Their attention to detail was exceptional / outstanding.

Thank you to both of them."

This kitchen was also harbouring something extra, a special pull out compartment down one side of the Aga [range cooker] which was filled with traditional riddling tools - a little bit of history and something we'd never anywhere else.

pull our aga tools hidden in aga

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