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13amp Aga electric conversions

The systems collectively known as 13amp Aga electric systems are, bluntly, awful. There are a couple of retrofit conversion systems and Aga themselves sold factory built 13amp cookers for a period. All cost a fortune to run (whether factory built or converted), none offer any control and all are unreliable in our experience.

Why does anyone install them in 2024? It's easy to do, cheap to sell and profitable for the installer. 

"We have never fitted any of these 13 amp systems. In all my years meeting owners of Aga cookers I have never met anyone (really!) with a single element '13amp' system that was happy with it. Ever." Matthew (Blake & Bull founder)

We think long term and want happy customers buying accessories and textiles from us for the next 20 years. Fitting these basic systems does not equal happy customers! 

Our remanufactured Aga cookers (and conversions) use the 'Electrickit' system or eControl and work very differently. By moving the heat sources closer to where they are needed and using separate elements, the same concept as the ER7 brand new cookers from AGA, the system heats only the parts you need and can be turned on and off much quicker. 


This is a photo of the very basic 13amp element, no sophistication here!

This is why our cookers are so much cheaper to run than '13amp' ones whether factory built or third party conversions.