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Aga Lid got a Wobble On?!

Does your lid pin slide out sometimes and cause your Aga range cooker lid to wobble alarmingly?! Now there are a few different lid types but if your cooker is a 'deluxe' model from 1956 - 1995 then it should be an easy fix (famous last words!). 

For a post-1974 'Deluxe' you need new circlips basically. These guys 'pop' onto grooves in the lid pin and stop it moving left and right. If your pin does move then chances are your circlips have disintegrated at some point. 

You can buy new circlips here. To fit them you'll need a pair of long nose pliers. With the lid shut lean over it until you can see the pin and the grooves in it. Holding the circlip tightly in the end of the pliers push it onto the grooves. You should have one each side. You'll feel it pop on when successful - can be tricky! To give yourself more room to work with (if the grooves are too close to the hinge edges) push the whole lid and pin left or right as required to create a little more space to get the pliers in.  

For a pre-1974 'Deluxe' then instead of circlips you will likely need new grub screws. These screw into the hinge block and hold the pin secure. You'll need an allen key to tighten them - buy your hinge block grub screws here.grub screw