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Can an Aga Range Cooker Really Be Eco-Friendly?

Aga range cookers have been criticised in the past for their environmental credentials, but this may be slightly unfair taking into account some underlying facts and recent developments about these much-loved British kitchen favourites.

It is certainly true that some of the original models can be thirsty on fuel – particularly gas and solid fuel models (although there are always improvements that can be made to any cooker’s efficiency).

If you are concerned about the environmental credentials or fuel costs of an Aga range cooker, there are several reasons why an Aga can be eco-friendly:

 eco friendly Aga range cooker

They Replace Other Kitchen Appliances

The Aga range cooker really is a multifunctional kitchen appliance, replacing the need for the use of several other energy-sapping kitchen devices such as:

Reduce your need for buying and running a range of appliances by using the Aga range cooker as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for kitchen tasks.

They Heat the Kitchen

Anyone who has lived in a home with a range cooker will know that that it provides a cosy warmth, making it an ideal social hub for family members including pets!

Aga range cooker dog

This also has the added benefit of helping you reduce your fuel bills for central heating; make sure you turn off your radiators in the kitchen and neighbouring rooms and hallways for maximum benefit. For some people this is all the heating they need in early Autumn and Spring.

They are Built to Last, from Recycled Material

Aga range cookers are extremely durable units, produced in a more sustainable era of engineering and designed to last for generations.

What’s more, 70% of each Aga range cooker is manufactured from recycled material, which can include car gearboxes, guttering, lamp posts, drain covers and other scrap metal.

Unlike many modern kitchen appliances, you’ll never see one of these celebrated pieces of engineering in a landfill site - their cast iron structure is pretty much bomb-proof and can always be re-purposed even if the rest of the cooker has degraded.

The integrity of the initial build and the ability for companies to install electric heading modules, has led to a boom in electric conversions as we’ll touch on below…

electric conversion

They Can Run on Electricity

The majority of Aga range cookers still run on fossil fuels, but this is changing fast with 25% of all Aga range cookers now running on electric. This figure is increasing every year, with 70% of all new Aga range cookers being sold running on electricity.

electric Aga range cooker popularity

It’s not just new Aga range cookers running on this fuel source though, with many being existing ones being converted to electric thus making them much more efficient (around 80% saving on annual fuel bills) Most models allow you to turn on different parts of the cooker independently, with greater control over the temperature. 

The advantages of these electric Aga range cookers is huge for efficiency, if not always favoured by traditionalists (even Mary Berry was sceptical, but – fear not - they still cook in the same way!)

It’s worth mentioning here that not all electric conversions are created equal! Beware the 13amp electric conversions in particular, they are inefficient and will lead to similar – if not higher – fuel bills than conventional models. Take a look at our electric conversion page for more info.

Even Greener Energy Sources to Come?

There are also plans in the pipeline for a completely renewable Aga range cooker, with newer biofuel and other renewable energy sources available.

There is also the possibility to use micro-generated energy such as wind, solar and heat pumps working in tandem with a self-sufficient, 100% sustainable energy network.

The Aga is Greener than you Think

The Aga range cooker is a much-loved piece of British heritage, which can be adapted to make it much more environmentally friendly.

If you want to make your cooker even more energy efficient, there are a range of options – from small changes such as using hob covers to improve efficiency all the way to a full electric conversion.

Get in touch with Blake & Bull today if you need any help making your Aga range cooker more eco-friendly.