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What Is A Heritage Model Aga Range Cooker?

Before 1941 there were 7 designs of Aga range cookers, from 1929 - 1941. Then the various designs underwent a standardisation {which is how they got their name - 'Standard'}  process, where the very best bits were brought together into one iconic model. These design classics are now reaching a vintage of 80 years, and we think that they need celebrating and preserving. 

Heritage (Standard) model Aga range cooker

The 80 year old castings will outlive all who read this, they are built to last with superior quality iron. 

They cost more to process {carefully strip down into component parts}, shot blast {there are more parts}, re-enamel, and build than any other Aga range cooker. 

But our love is true, and we are sold! 

Performance wise, when converted to a sophisticated electric system, they are no different in functionality. So you can have a heritage design classic, in a modern colour, and with a sophisticated electric system built by hand to work with the unique proportions of this model. 

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