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Hot Stuff! - How to Fix Rope Seals On An Aga Range Cooker

Simple tasks often have the biggest impactWe were so pleased to hear from Sarah, who's obvious sense of achievement made us happy retailers! 

Heat Glue Sealant suitable for use on Aga range cooker door and lid seals How To Fit Replacement Lid Chromes, Liner & Seal into An Aga Range Cooker Lid "Fixing my Aga Range Cooker - The rope was hanging off my Aga Lid tops. I braved fixing it myself by using this glue, rather than paying my Aga man. It was the easiest thing to do - cool the Aga range cooker, squeeze on glue, fix rope back on and leave overnight. Brilliant, as good as new and a complete bargain!!! Super speedy delivery too, great product and company!" Sarah ★★★★★

I had a go at changing lid chromes, and popping in new linerstoo last week, you can see how to do the seals as part of our fully illustrated guide!

Katy x

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