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How to Move an Aga Range Cooker

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If you have bought a second hand Aga range cooker or want to take it with you when you move house, you will need to find a way to have it safely removed. 

An Aga range cooker is a big (and beautiful!) beast, with a traditional cast iron model weighing around 500kg.

How to move an Aga range cooker

On top of this, Aga range cookers cannot be moved unless first dismantled. Moving these cookers in one piece can cause issues when in transit including: cracks forming in the castings; steel panels becoming twisted and warped; tie rods buckling; and loss of vermiculite insulation. 

Electric Aga range cookers are particularly easily damaged when in transit due to the fragility of the control panel and heating elements. These can be expensive to repair and replace, so extreme care must be taken when dismantling and removing these parts.

How to Dismantle an Aga Range Cooker

Dismantling and re-assembling an Aga range cooker is a skilled job that can unfortunately go very wrong if not done correctly. Although your cooker may have been working correctly for decades, they are finely crafted pieces of engineering that can be easily broken! 

As a general overview of the process, our team safely detach the cooker from its fuel source; methodically removing the insulation; before disassembling the cooker into its constituent parts - the picture below (and this case study) shows how fiddly this can be!

How to dismantle an Aga range cooker

A few other reasons why we would recommend hiring a professional to dismantle and move your cooker: 

  • Dismantling an Aga range cooker is a very messy business and could cause damage to your kitchen floor and doorways if not done correctly.
  • When re-assembling, if castings are not correctly aligned your cooker will have hot spots which in time could crack the oven itself.
  • Seals around the hot plates and doors need to be tightly fitted to insure no loss of efficiency when switched back on.

    Blake & Bull are experienced Aga range cooker professionals that can help you safely dismantle and remove your Aga range cooker for disposal, parts left with you or in our workshop for re-installation. 

    Please note we only offer our re-installation service if you are also refurbishing your cooker with us - contact us for more details.