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The Cost of Hot Water from your Aga range cooker

It's a common myth that hot water from Aga range cookers is in some way 'free'. The cooker is hot already after all! Unfortunately this is not the case. The boiler is a kind of jacket that straps to the barrel (a boiler on it's own is shown in the picture!).

An Aga range cooker with a boiler will burn 50% more fuel than the same sized Aga range cooker that does not. It is a parasite on the heat created to cook with.

Cool water is dense so it drops from the hot water cylinder into the boiler where it absorbs heat from the barrel and then rises back to the hot water cylinder. There is no off switch, it's doing this all the time. A jacket full of cold water, which happens after a shower or bath, sucks a tremendous amount of heat out the the barrel that the cooker then responds to by burning more fuel.

Imagine wearing a jacket full of cold water. Eventually the water in the jacket will warm up as it absorbs your body heat but my word you'll burn a lot of energy shivering to stay warm as it happens!

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Hot water boiler in Aga range cooker