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We don't fit the basic '13amp' electric systems; here is why...

Using electricity to create heat, and that is what you need it to do in your cooker, is less efficient than burning gas or oil directly if you use it in the same way.
Power stations burn fuel to make steam then electric and go to all the effort of getting it to you before your cooker turns it back into heat again!

Basic single element electric systems (collectively known as '13amp') simply pop an element (like a huge spiral light bulb filament) where the heat source of your cooker was before. Nothing else changes so they simply cannot be more efficient than using oil or gas.

It's easy to do, cheaper and profitable for the installer. The problem is that they are unreliable, very expensive to run and not flexible or responsive at all.

We have never fitted any of these basic systems. In all our years meeting owners of Aga range cookers I have never met anyone (really!) with a single element '13amp' system that was happy with it. Ever. 

We think long term and want happy customers buying accessories and textiles from us for the next 20 years. Fitting these basic systems does not equal happy customers! 

Our 'eCook' reconditioned Aga range cookers (and conversions) use the 'Electrickit' system or eControl {NEW in 2022} and work very differently. By moving the heat sources closer to where they are needed and using separate elements, similar in concept to the latest new 'TC' cookers, the system heats only the parts you need and be turned on and off much quicker. 

This is a photo of the very basic 13amp element, no sophistication here!

This is why our cookers are so much cheaper to run than '13amp' ones whether factory built or third party conversions. 

Find out more on our Blake & Bull renewed Aga range cookers homepage.