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Why we sell & install only our 'e-Cook' electric reconditioned Aga range cookers

We don't install solid fuel, oil, gas or '13amp' electric cookers. This may seem to limit our business but we've made this decision simply because we cannot recommend these systems *.

'Electrickit' is the best system, see below, and we'd rather be specialists in the best option than try and do everything just for the sake of it! 


Why are our reconditioned cookers running on the 'Electrickit' system better than solid fuel, oil, gas or '13amp' cookers?

  • They cook in the same way with radiant heat. 
  • They are more flexible and easier to use.
  • They are more reliable. No need to worry about flues, gas/oil valves and flow rates etc!
  • Running costs are vastly reduced.
  • By specialising we can offer a better warranty & care plan.
  • Zero servicing; ever. Nothing to remember to book, or pay for!
  • Zero installation costs. No oil lines, gas pipes, tanks or flues needed. 
  • Lower fire risk. No flammable fuels or flames in your kitchen.
  • Zero carbon monoxide risk. No combustion in your kitchen.
  • Zero fuel leak risk. No oil or gas flowing through your kitchen.


* Is your home remote and prone to power cuts? Combining one of our reconditioned cookers with an emergency generator gives you more flexibility (run lights, computers and your cooker during power cuts!) and vastly lower running costs when the power is flowing as it should!  

Find out more on our 'Blake & Bull reconditioned & refurbished Aga range cookers' homepage.

 Why we sell & install only our 'e-Cook' electric reconditioned Aga range cookers