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Meet The Team at Blake & Bull - Anthony!

Meet Anthony! 

 Anthony is one of the Lead Technicians here at Blake & Bull. He travels the country converting and re-enamelling your lovely Aga range cookers. Anthony’s degree is in engineering and has years of experience working as an electrician, which comes in pretty handy around the offices too, which seem to be forever expanding.

 Anthony Blake and Bull

"Hi, I'm Anthony. When I'm not out on the road applying the Blake & Bull magic to your Agas, I'm back at HQ doing whatever jobs need doing to help out, whether that's stripping old parts, prepping for jobs, or wiring up our new studio!

In my free time, I like trying new recipes from around the world with my partner, Steph, and spending time with my kids, and either or both may join me kayaking, scrabbling around in mines and caves, or swinging around in trees, if they're feeling generous. I'm also learning Japanese; slowly!"