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How to sterilise Kilner™️ and Jam Jars using an Aga range cooker for Pickled Vegetables and Jams

How to sterilise Kilner™️ and Jam Jars using an Aga range cooker

This is so simple, it is hardly even a 'process', but if you are new to the world of Aga range cooking you will hopefully find this useful!

Versatility is certainly a trait for which these cookers are much loved by their owners, and the ability to sterilise jars in a 'no fuss' fashion certainly comes in useful during the summer glut!

To fill your beautifully sterilised jars, you can try the yummy pickled radish recipe below or Evelyn's scrumptious marrow preserve! for more inspiration pop on over to Jam At The Doorstep's instagram accountwhere you will find lots of pictures of umptious sticky jams cooked on a Rayburn range cooker. 

Other summer glut seasonal veg to try like this - cucumber (de-seeded), courgette, french beans, onions (of course!), fennel, ... Share your successes with us! #blakeandbull.

The Process -

  • Simply wash your jars thoroughly in washing up liquid, taking care to pay special attention to any grooves and ridges in both the jar and lid
  • If your jars are cracked or chipped do not use them
  • If your lids are dented or worn you can easily purchase new pretty ones! 
  • If you are using Kilner™️ jars, boil your rubber seal to sterilise. 
  • Take your Fits On Runners tray and line your jars & lids up in pleasing rows without their lids of course!
  • Keep the jars in the simmering oven for 10-15 mins, and remove when you are ready to use. Fill immediately. 
  • TOP TIP -Have a cooling rack ready, and your jar seals to hand so that when you have filled you can cover immediately and leave to cool. 

Pickled Radishes - a few jars...

You may need...


  • A healthy bunch of radish, around 1kg
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 700ml white wine vinegar
  • 150g white sugar
  • Spices lightly toasted to suit your taste, 1tbsp of each - fennel, mustard, & black pepper is a great combo!
  • Salt to taste - about a teaspoon, use posh salt! Himalayan or sea salt
  • A half thumb length of fresh ginger cut into match sticks

Right, lets get cooking!

1. Get your jars in the oven as per the above instructions

2. lightly toast your spices, not to brown them, just until they start to smell lovely.

4. Warm your vinegar with the bay leaves, spices, sugar and salt. Whilst this is happening...

3. Wash and slice your radish, as you wish and pop into your jars

5. When all the salt and sugar has dissolved, pour the liquor over your radish to cover. 

6. Seal immediately and store - ready in a few weeks or longer

7. Label your jars with a name and date.


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