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Heritage 2 oven Standard Aga Range Cooker Converted & Refurbished in Kent

"31st May 1996 - our Aga initiation day. We moved into our new home and from day one embraced the Aga way of cooking. No more dials or controls.


It was amazing - ‘it’s on all the time, does the hot water and you can cook anything anytime, and by the way it also heats the kitchen’ made us instant converts.


Our Aga was traditional cream and as we later discovered originally solid fuel probably installed in the 50’s but converted to gas in 1977.
Over 26 years we had our ups and downs. The occasional pilot light going off ‘just like that’ - no warning whatsoever and then inability to relight. On hands and knees trying to coax it back to life. New ‘old’ parts expertly sourced and replaced it would be back to normal. A routine annual thermocouple replacement and service was the solution. August switch off and September relighting became habitual. Our Aga became part of our family with a full house, bringing up two children, family, guests and numerous parties it served us well. However it was looking tired and for years we contemplated whether we should replace it with a new one. But no, the Aga had a place in our family and the house. We agreed that if we could retain it we should.


Looking for a company who could upgrade it to electric took a while. Blake and Bull came to the rescue. From the moment contact was made the service was impeccable. With order placed the date for conversion approached. Electric sockets in-situ, gas disconnected, apprehension and worry set in. Were we doing the right thing, would Blake and Bull know what they were doing, would our Aga survive the ‘operation’?


On the day the team arrived, Preet and Joe explained the procedure and professionally embarked upon the task in hand. All our concerns were allayed. Within the day our Aga was rejuvenated, what a transformation and ready to embark on the next phase of its ‘electric’ life.


Wonderful service from the team at Blake and Bull. Thank you. If only all the companies offered the same level of professionalism and service - the country would be in a much better place!"


-Mr Tarhan


We were blown away with the lovely email we received this morning, it's a lovely reminder of why we do what we do and makes us feel immensely proud of our little team!


It's always a pleasure to hear the stories of the cookers we work on.


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Here is the cooker before...


2 oven standard Aga range cooker


Here is the finished result. A beautiful 2 oven Aga cooker in Cream!.


2 oven standard Aga range cooker