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Refurbishment and Conversion in Shetland

Our engineers met Lindsay to start work on her 2 oven post ‘74 Deluxe Aga range cooker on the Shetland Island of Yell.

Lindsay’s cooker was originally oil-fired, but she was hoping to have her cooker converted with the Electrikit system to make their life "much more straightforward”. We can't say that we disagree!

Aga range cooker before refurbishment and conversion

As well as the conversion, our team also stripped the cooker down and cleaned everything as part of the refurbishment package. This included new door backs, door seals, and insulation, as well as new lid liners, lid insulation and seals. Together, all of this will help to restore the efficiency of the cooker. 

aga range cooker after refurbishment and conversion to electrikit

We think that Lindsay’s red Aga cooker looks excellent, especially with our chicken chefs pads, and we hope that they love their cooker for many more years to come!

Refurbished and converted aga range cooker in Yell

 “Blake & Bull go the extra mile! We live on the Shetland Island of Yell. I contacted this company to see if they would convert our Aga and instead of saying no they checked with their colleagues, said they would do it and we went on from there. The whole process with their friendly and knowledgeable team was effortless which is quite something when you consider the need for ferries, vans and so on for the trip. The lads who came to us were cheerful, knowledgeable, efficient and a pleasure to have in our home. They would not leave until all was clean and tidy, the Aga gleaming like new and fully converted and they had gone through the details of the management of cooking in this altered form. We absolutely recommend Blake & Bull and feel confident that they are happy to be phoned if we need advice.”