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Aga problems




Aga with insulation problemsWe love Agas and they go wrong  far less than most household appliances but when they do have problems it can be very frustrating. Many Agas are 60+ years old and in that time frame many things have changed and many different people will have worked on them. Precision engineering they are not at this point!  

We supply pattern spares for almost everything you could need for your Aga or Rayburn. Most of it is not listed on the website so do get in touch if you cannot see what you need. It's likely to take around a week to arrive as we do special orders for items ordered less frequently.

With a bit of love and careful attention almost any problems are solvable - if you can't find any hint on what the issue might be below then do drop us a line - we'll do our best to find more info and add it here for everyones benefit! We plan on adding new content here almost daily over the coming months - we see it as an important part of the service we offer to Aga and Rayburn owners.


Gas Aga problems...