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Changes to Expect after Converting a Range Cooker

There are some things your range cooker currently does that will work slightly differently once it has been converted.

converted electric aga range cooker

  • In a traditional Aga range cooker stews and slow cooking are often done in the lower oven. In your converted cooker you will use the top oven and simply choose the temperature you need on the dial. The only thing to remember is that your converted cooker still stores a lot of heat. It cools down slowly so you will need to plan ahead a little if you run the oven at a constant temp and decide you need it lower! Note: The lower oven temp is always relative to the top. Every cooker is slightly different but its usually 60-65degrees lower than the top oven. 
  • In a traditional cooker roasting & baking is done in the top oven. In your converted cooker it still is! We prefer a temp of about 220°c for roasting (yes, we make roast potatoes for lunch in the workshop sometimes!) but you may choose differently! Baking temperatures can vary.
  • In a traditional cooker grilling is done in the top oven. In your converted cooker you may still be able to grill in the top oven if you are running it a constant high temperature. You may have more success though using the top rungs of the lower oven. Around 15 minutes before you want to grill turn the temp of the main oven up 30°c. This will turn on the element between the ovens and cause the roof of the lower oven to get very hot - perfect for grilling! Don't forget to turn the main oven down again!
  • Boiling water for tea is done on the hotplate of a traditional cooker. On your converted cooker this changes slightly! If you are cooking a big meal and have both hotplates on then heating water on them is a good plan whether in kettle or pan. If you leave the hotplates cold though most of the time and are considering turning them on just to make a cup of tea then I would instead use an electric kettle. It will simply be quicker; the hotplates taken a few minutes to get up to useful temperature whereas your kettle is super quick! 

I hope this is useful! If you have other comparison questions let me know and we'll add them here!


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