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How To Build A Plinth For An Aga range cooker | dimensions and information

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Plinths are not totally essential for Aga range cookers {a level floor is!} but most do have them to raise the surface of the hob level with the worktops. Later models like 'TC', 'DC' and 'City' cookers have them built in.

Standard {1941-1972} and Deluxe {1952 onwards} cookers are 851mm high to hob/hotplate top. Subtract these measurements from the height of your worktop to establish the plinth height required. 

If your existing subfloor is sufficiently strong and non-combustible (like a concrete screed for example) then it is much easier to use our ready made plinths. But you may want to build your own.

If you want the Aga to line up to a different height than those achieved by stock plinths, you have the following options

  1. Build or pour a bespoke plinth onsite with your building team from stone, slate, concrete or similar. It must be solid, non combustible and level. 
  2. Have an AGA that sits above or below the worktop using a stock plinth.
  3. Find someone local to fabricate a metal plinth for you to the exact measurements that you need {if you take this route the floor that the plinth sits on will have to be 100% level}.
  4. You could invite us to use our fabricators. This is an additional charge, and building one from concrete will likely be cheaper. {the substrate must be level}.

If you build a plinth it must be -

  • Deluxe 2 & 3 ovens 680mm depth x 990mm wide
  • Deluxe 4 & 5 ovens 680mm depth x 1492mm wide
  • Standard 2 oven  641mm depth x 975mm wide
  • Standard 4 ovens 641mm depth x 1466mm wide

Top tips!

  1. You can increase the depth if you want the Aga to project forward to allow for tiles, splash back etc at the back of the cooker or line up with units. We will line up to the front of the concrete plinth. 
  2. If you plan on tiling/add wood trim to the front of your concrete plinth then reduce these measurements by the thickness of the tiles & adhesive you have chosen. You may want to tile before we come to avoid damage to the Aga. Allow 2 weeks curing time or whatever your trades advise. It needs to support 400-600kg

Please send photos of your hand built plinth when done so that we can update your client folder.

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