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What Colours are Available for Aga Range Cookers?

Choosing the colour for your Aga range cooker is an important piece of the buying journey – particularly if you want it to match it with your existing kitchen design.

Aga range cookers aren’t painted (don’t ever try!), but are coated with several layers of durable vitreous enamel.


What is the Vitreous Enamel Used on Aga Range Cookers?

Vitreous Enamel is a highly heat-resistant, easy-to-clean (when you know how) and looks good to boot! It is also highly durable, resistant to the types of abrasions which can occur from pans and other cooking equipment and resistant to (most!) chemicals

Enamel is effectively coloured glass melted onto cast iron layer upon layer and then kiln-fired, which therefore cannot be easily undertaken as a DIY task. It’ a painstaking process requiring at least three firings in the kiln, all to make sure the Aga range cooker’s surfaces are as durable as possible.

The enamel on an Aga range cooker is one of its unique characteristics that makes it more of a piece of craftmanship than a conventional mass-produced oven. There are often slight differences in the surface finish, and this individuality and quality engineering is one of the reasons people love their Aga range cooker.

Despite this protection, it’s likely that – if in regular use - your enamel will get discoloured or chipped over time, so it’s useful to choose a DIY cleaning kit or have it re-enamelled completely.

aga range cooker re-enamelled


What Colour Choices Do I Have for my Aga Range Cooker?

If buying a new Aga range cooker, you will have a limited number of colour choices – around 15 in total if buying new.

If you want a more extensive list of colour choices, you can choose to have your Aga range cooker re-enamelled or buy one that’s been refurbished which includes your choice of colour.

At Blake and Bull we offer 39 colour choices as standard for our re-enamelling service or for our reconditioned cookers. You can even order colour samples to try before you buy, which are actual pieces of enamel (it’s often difficult to get an idea of the ‘physical’ colour on a screen). We can also produce custom colours, although this is an additional charge.


What are the Most Popular Colour Choices for Aga Range Cookers?

Our big Aga range cooker owner's survey uncovered some interesting findings on the most popular colour choices for Aga range cookers, which you can see below:

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As well as the unquestionably lovely Cream, an honourable mention goes to popular colours like Dark Blue, British Racing Green, Red, Dark Grey, White and even Pink making an appearance!

We were surprised that grey, which includes pewter tones, didn't score a little higher as it's the most popular choice for our enamelling services. 


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>> Blake & Bull sell refurbished Aga range cookers, meticulously made-to-order with your choice of colour.