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What is the Vitreous Enamel used on Aga Range Cookers?

The vitreous enamel used on your cooker is uniquely well suited to the task. It is heat resistant, easy to clean (when you know how), fabulous to look at, very long lasting and resistant to abrasion and chemicals (most of them anyway). There is quite simply no substitute.

Enamel is effectively coloured glass melted onto cast iron at 1400°f / 750 ℃ This is why we prepare everything in advance, its not something that can be done in your kitchen! Want to know more? This Wikipedia article makes a better job of explaining it than I can! 

>>Find out more on our 'Aga range cooker re-enamelling & refurbishing services' homepage.


Cream vitreous enamel Aga range cooker