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Get Christmas Recipe Ready!

I did it! I mentioned Christmas, and I am not even sorry! One of the many wonderful things about having an Aga range cooker is that preparing for Christmas, batch cooking and freezing is made so much easier! 

Thank you so much to Rhonda for her picture and review! She paints a cosy scene with her review. Both her and her husband have curled up with their new cookbook and a cuppa, and happily marked recipes that they cannot wait to try. What a perfect autumnal activity. It makes so much sense too! Planning meals makes shopping easier, cheaper and you ordinarily waste less!

a pillar box red Aga range cooker and a terrier pup

"Yummy!!! - I spent a couple of hours going through every recipe ( 'Aga Year - 365 recipes' by Louise Walker )and must have highlighted 50 to try, then my husband had a look and added another 20 or so. can't wait to get cooking." Rhonda


Cookbooks with recipes suitable for use with Aga range cookersWe have a small but comprehensive collection of cookbooks with recipes suitable for range cookers. So why not 'do a Rhonda' and grab a couple, pour yourself a drink, and plan your upcoming festivities!

< More recipes too in our 'recipes with instructions for your range cooker' homepage

Katy Boys

Katy Boys

Katy is a rural girl at heart. She loves long walks, home cooking, paddling in rivers, warm fires and socks and stomping in leaves with her children. After studying ‘drawing stuff’ at university in Bath, Katy spent 10 years selling wares and managing folk at Habitat in Bath. Welcoming children into her world prompted her to return to drawing things, people and places from home. This led her to us at Blake & Bull and the rest is history. She draws our stuff, provides cuddles for the office dog, and is here to chat to you lovely lot.