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Aga Colours

"Get the right Aga colour with these rectangular enamel sample tiles. Perfectly sized to help you plan your new Blake & Bull® remanufactured Aga range cooker or re-enamelling project!"

"Not only does colour reproduction vary so widely on screens, but it's amazing how much it can change under different lighting. Having a physical tile will give you the best idea of what the heart of your home might look like in situ!" Matthew

Aga Colour Options: What's Best For You?

Choosing an Aga colour can be a tricky process - with over 65 options to choose from! That's why picking a few aga enamel colour sample tiles is a good idea ahead of your project - they always tend to look different in reality than on the screen!

For a timeless look, consider more neutral tones like Cream, White, Grey or Sage Green. If you're after something a bit more eye-catching, think about colour such as red, Pink, or Peacock Blue.

Take into account the size and configuration of your kitchen as well. Lighter shades can give the illusion of a more spacious kitchen, while darker colors can provide a sense of depth and luxury.

Finding the Perfect Colour for your Next Aga Cooker

As part of our on-site services we get to see A LOT of Aga range cookers across the UK, and we like to take pictures of our work along the way.

Whether it's installing a cooker, re-enamelling or refurbishing there's a whole host of example Aga range cooker in a rainbow of different colours available.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you find the perfect colour for your Aga cooker.