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A guide to Aga range cookers



An introduction to Aga range cookersOn this page we've tried to collect all the bits and bobs of info on our site that will be useful to new Aga range cooker owners.The Aga range cooker was invented by Dr Gustav Dalen of Sweden. He was blinded in an accident in 1912 and during his convalescence at home realised how difficult his wife found managing their traditional cooker. He resolved to design a cooker that was easy to use and duly did so. Your Aga range cooker was, roughly!, the result.

What we love about this story is that at no point did he think to himself "I shall lend a hand to my lovely wife.". Rather he disappeared to his workshop, presumably for months or years, and built a whole new cooker - that is engineer thinking! 😉

If you cannot find the information you are looking for or think that something is missing then do get in touch. We can quickly answer questions and will always add it to this resource for others to benefit.