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How many Radiators can you Run off an Aga range cooker?

Some Aga range cookers contain boilers that fit round the barrel of the cooker and absorb heat.We sell a range of boilers, gaskets and fittings for use with Aga range cookers.

While this is not 'free' hot water, your cooker has to work much harder to maintain its temperature with a boiler installed, it can be very useful and is certainly a super reliable and simple system.

There are two sizes of boiler available, a 90 litre and 135 litre. The size does not refer to the capacity of the boiler but rather its capacity to heat water {90 litres per day or 135 litres per day}.

The 90 litre boiler fits both 'Standard' and 'Deluxe' cookers while the 135 litre boiler is only for 'Deluxe' cookers. The 90 litre boiler will run 1-5 normal size radiators, you'll need a 135 litre boiler for 6-8 radiators.

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