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Resurfacing and Repainting Enamel range cookers

There are a few different methods of re-painting or re-surfacing enamel range cookers as far as we can tell. They are all awful!

The initial results don't look too bad but over a relatively short period of time things deteriorate quickly. Acrylic or paint surfaces age quickly, are impossible to clean and are vulnerable to all sorts of materials.

All of these properties are precisely the opposite of vitreous enamel! There is a reason vitreous has been used on range cookers since the 1920's.

The picture below shows how it ends up and do have a look at the two blog posts listed below which look at re-enamelling one of these 're-coated' cookers in depth.  

Find out more on our 'Aga range cooker re-enamelling & refurbishing services' homepage. 

A repainted Aga range cooker