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What each part of your Aga range cooker is called and what it's for!

If you’ve owned an Aga range cooker for many years you will undoubtedly be an expert in it’s anatomy and how it all works, however the different plates and ovens can be puzzling to new owners or those considering a purchase, so we feel it is part of our duty to help!

For the purposes of this brief explanation, we will assume a common 3-oven cooker. If you have a two oven cooker just ignore the left hand oven where your controls live!

 What each part of an Aga range cooker is called and for

Boiling/hot plate (on the left)
This is for RAPID boiling, grilling, that special criss-cross toast, stir-frying and deep-fat frying.

Simmering plate (on the right)
A less vicious heat used for more gentle heating like sauces, milk, lighter-frying, pancakes and maybe even toasted sandwiches (please make sure you use suitable ‘Bake-O-Glide’ or similar to help prevent a cheesy-mess!)

Roasting oven (hottest oven; top right, under simmering plate)
Perfect for grilling and browning and fast roasting; makes the most PERFECT baked potatoes and heavier pastry items like scones; Yorkshire puddings; pizza and roast potatoes.

Baking oven (bottom left)
Does what it says really, at a moderate heat; lighter/smaller cakes, biscuits, muffins, souffles crumbles and fish.

Simmering oven (bottom right)
The lowest-heat oven for casseroles, slow-roasting, steaming vegetables (or puddings), heavier cakes like fruit cake; cheesecakes or even meringues.

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