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How to Cook a Soufflé in an Aga Range Cooker

How to Cook a Soufflé in an Aga Range Cooker

Blake & Bull community member CB e-mailed us to ask for our soufflé tips!

"I’d like to try a soufflé in my four oven Aga range cooker. Do you recommend baking them on the bottom of my roasting oven with a cold plain shelf on the top runners? Or would you suggest baking in the baking oven.'

We turned to the pages of Sarah Whitaker's cookbooks & scanned her numerous Soufflé recipes for consistencies to compile this list of tips...


You may need...



Tips & Advice

  •  Relax - any soufflé recipe requires a soft hand and a gentle fold!
  • Have your serving plates prepared - so you can serve quickly!
  • Equip yourself with a tray that fits directly on your oven runners, and a set of ramekins. 
  • Butter your ramekins! Have a pastry brush to hand to brush all your pots as you melt the butter at the start of the process. 
  • You can keep your mix in the fridge for 24Hrs in advance, but you must be ready to eat as soon as you cook - no hardship there!
  • You can even freeze them in your ramekins and tray, cook 20 mins (approx, recipe dependent) from frozen. 
  • I prefer to use a metal spoon for folding, I find the edge is better for folding delicate egg whites - that's my tip!
  • Enjoy! YUM


You can find Sarah's recipe from her 'Relaxed Aga Cooking' book on the recipepage of our website, where you will discover more tried and tested recipesand tips for your range cooker.

Sarah has written a set of very comprehensive and friendly cookbooks. In all her soufflé recipes, sweet and savoury alike, she recommends a half roaster tray, fits on runners, with a set of ramekins.

Happy rising! And we love to see the results of your efforts! Please send us in your snaps!

UPDATE! CB sent in a photo of her Soufflé efforts, and here it is! WOW!