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Concise Compliments

Sometimes less is more like with these succinct & sweet scribbling's we were sent after some of our jobs...

"I am absolutely delighted with the heart transplant for my Aga [range cooker]! and it made it all the more pleasurable that Peter and Anthony were a delight to have in my house." - converted and refurbished post '74 cooker with 4 ovens 



"What brilliant service from Phillip and Sam who went above and beyond to make sure my AGA [range cooker] looks totally stunning - I think you have a fantastic team and I will certainly be recommending you to anyone who is thinking of converting and /or upgrading" - a re-enamel of an already converted 4 oven post-'74 cooker, from cream to pistachio



"Phillip a great guy, very skilled and knowledgeable, brilliant job, very pleased to have you do my conversion" - a 2 oven standard that went from solid fuel to our electrikit

(The sharper eyed among you will have noticed this last cooker has no hob lids, that's because this was a very hands on customer who refurbished his Aga cooker himself - including the lids which he put back on after we had gone home - If this has tempted you to have a go for yourself you can find everything you need here and we have some how-to-guides too)


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