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Our “Record Breaking” Engineer

Back in September our engineers, Anthony & Preet, brought an unused solid fuel Aga cooker back to life with a new electric heart and a facelift.

When the chaps arrived on site the poor old cooker had been living a hybrid life - part counter top, part cupboard and no cooking. By the time they left this 'Pre 1974 2 Oven' range cooker was fit to cook up a feast. 
“Preet and Anthony proved a most agreeable team, and did an excellent installation job, in spite of people constantly walking over and past them in the confined space of our kitchen... and they did a superb job in leaving it clean and tidy afterwards!

Preet enters the Guinness book of records for the slowest ever consumption of a single mug of coffee, finishing it - stone-cold - just before leaving!

The refurbished Aga [range cooker] looks terrific, but we won't be switching it on until the weather gets colder. So I can't yet comment on performance. Except to say that from a trial run it seems to take less electricity than I expected. More anon!”

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