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Installation guide | Blake & Bull Reconditioned & Refurbished Aga Range Cookers

Quite some information is below, but if you have a question we haven't answered do get in touch anytime. E-mail or call 01225 541006. Thanks! 

Delivery requirements

  • Blake & Bull reconditioned cookers are built on-site so awkward locations can be accessed without issue in most circumstances. We'll be in touch with specific questions after purchase!

Cooker dimensions & weight

  • All 2 oven cookers are 987mm wide and 679mm deep. Height to hob top is 851mm. In most cases we fit onto a 50mm deep plinth giving a 'final' hob height of 901mm. We can alternatively fit 60, 70 or 80mm plinths if extra height is required. Weight is approx 300kg.

  • All 4 oven cookers are 1487mm wide and 679mm deep. Height to hob top is 851mm. In most cases we fit onto a 50mm deep plinth giving a 'final' hob height of 901mm. We can alternatively fit 60, 70 or 80mm plinths if extra height is required. Weight is approx 400kg.

  • With lids raised the total height of all cookers, excluding plinth height, is 1330mm. 

converted electric aga range cooker


  • A additional 2-3mm gap must be allowed for either side of the cooker between hob top and worktops. This allows for thermal expansion and future access. This is additional to the dimensions specified above.

  • Tiles should run behind or down the side the cooker and not sit on the hob top. It's easy removal allows for future servicing.

  • There must be 10mm between the back plate of the cooker and the wall behind. This increased to 25mm if the wall behind is made of combustible materials. This is increased to 28mm if the vent pipe (see below) runs behind the cooker at all rather that exiting directly behind it. 

  • You'll want at least 1000mm in front of the cooker, if you plan a kitchen island for example, to allow for ease of use and servicing. A little more than that will increase comfort with big tins etc!

Flooring and plinth

  • The supplied plinth will sit happily on the subfloor or final floor, you just need to remember the height implications relative to the worktop if we are building on the subfloor! Almost all flooring types are suitable.

Electrical requirements

  • The cooker connects into two 13amp switched fused spurs (simple hard wired plugs basically!). These can be a separate circuit or part of an existing circuit. You'll need an electrician to install these in a hidden spot close to your cooker before our arrival.

  • The best place for the spurs is below worktop level to the left hand side of the Aga range cooker but it can go either side if need be. Basically tell your electrician to bear in mind that we need to run power cables to the spurs from the cooker; if they are visible the cabling will be too!

  • The hob elements are each rated at 1.4kw so with both hobs in action your maximum requirement is for 2.8kw. The hobs run off one of the two 13amp fused spurs.

  • The oven element is 1.8kw with a further 850w oven element if your cooker is a 4 oven model. The ovens, with a maximum requirement of 1.8Kw for a 2 oven model and 2.65kw for a 4 oven model, run off the other fused spur.

  • Maximum draw is therefore 4.6kw for the 2 oven model and 5.45kw for the 4 oven model. In almost all cases the spurs can therefore be run off an existing circuit in the kitchen. Your electrician should be able to confirm!


  • No flue is required for a Blake & Bull reconditioned Aga range cooker. You can vent the ovens externally or into the room. Venting externally is to be preferred if possible.

  • You can see in the first picture below a 28mm copper pipe exits the rear left corner of the top oven. With two 90 degree angles it then exits directly out the wall behind the cooker. We are not builders so cannot prepare the hole for the pipe. It needs to be 30-32mm in diameter and located behind the flue shroud. This is 851mm high from the base of the cooker (not the floor as it may include a plinth of varying height) and 450mm from the right hand side. We'll chat to your and/or your builder directly about this before we come! 

  • The second picture shows the exterior view. The pipe has a further 90 degree angle to prevent water and wind ingress and is protected in this case by a mesh cover (not supplied).

  • If your chosen position means the vent cannot go straight through the wall behind the cooker then we will always fit a fan unit (externally at the end of the pipe) to assist extraction from the ovens. This costs an additional £342 + VAT. The fan is powered from the cooker so we need access to the vent pipe in order to run the power supply along it externally and outside to the fan.

  • The pipe needs to gently fall to outside and cannot have any dips or troughs as these will fill with condensation.


Find out more on our 'Blake & Bull reconditioned & refurbished Aga range cookers' homepage.


Oven vent Aga range cooker converted to electric