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What do I need to do in advance of your Conversion Visit?

There are really only three things that are essential apart from good access to your kitchen and getting the kettle on!

  • Make sure your existing fuel supply, if you have a gas or oil cooker, is completely disconnected and terminated before we arrive. As we work almost exclusively with electric cookers we are not Gassafe or OFTEC registered and cannot do this for you. It is 20 minutes work for an engineer - super easy!
  • Make sure any water supply to the boiler, if fitted, is completely disconnected. The Aga should NOT be used with the disconnected boiler in situ. If you are doing this in advance of our visit seek the advice of your plumber as to whether this is ok with your particular setup. We advise the following:
    1. That the cooker's boiler be disconnected by a registered and recommended plumber.
    2. That the boiler be drained as much as is possible {we always expect about a litre inside}
    3. That the pipes that feed the cooker be left open and vented as they leave the cooker.
    4. Do not cap off the boiler pipes that leave the cooker.
    5. We do not advise that the cooker is lit again until the boiler and combustion parts are removed from the cooker by us on conversion day. 

    We recommend having the boiler disconnected in the week running up to the conversion, allowing enough time between jobs for delays etc, but not weeks. Just in-case you are tempted to relight!





    Our works do not extend to the live capped off pipework in the property, for this we defer to the expertise of your plumber and their team.


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